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Wu Tang Rules / 朝拜武當

 Wu Tang Rules  / 朝拜武當

Jumlah Episode

20 episode

Jumlah Disc

4 disc


Rp. 20.000




Chin Siu-ho, a former undercover cop, seeks refuge at the Wutang Mountains after suffering a serious setback. He re-encounters his martial arts senior, Yuen Qiu, who now operates an inn and martial arts school. She allows Siu-ho to stay to work as a chef and also takes in the mentally retarded Derek Kwok, who has an unknown background. The originally peaceful place is disrupted by a group of martial arts students from Hong Kong, which includes Yuen Qiu\'s daughter (Tavia Yeung), a champion fighter with a serious illness (Timmy Hung), a wealthy heir (Jonathan Cheung), a female personal bodyguard (Toby Leung) and a model (Regen Cheung). It turns out that Siu-ho and Tavia had already met in Hong Kong. Her reappearance brings up painful memories for him. Later, he discovers that the real purpose of her trip is to convince her mother to sell the inn to a Hong Kong corporation. Yuen Qiu deliberately injures herself and asks Siu-ho to take over as the martial arts instructor. She promises that if Tavia can win a competition within three months, she will fulfill her wish. As the course nears an end, Derek suddenly becomes normal again and recognizes Siu-ho\'s real identity, thereby surrounding the Wudang Mountains with great danger...


Chin Siu HoTavia YeungYuen ChauTimmy Hung


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