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Dare Stone Male Tiandong

Dare Stone Male Tiandong

Jumlah Episode

48 episode

Jumlah Disc

6 disc


Rp. 30.000




Dare Stone Male Tiandong – Visions of heaven, heaven fled three monster mischief on earth. Jade Emperor sent to find the lower bound of the three realms of law enforcement Rebels, Rebels found a boulder named Dongyue Taishan stones, by the world of Reiki, of the upcoming pregnancy. When the Rebels arrived, the stones have been pregnant in advance of departure. Monsters come here is for the Rebels pretended stones, cheat Rebels trust that it will teach him magic. Folk living stones, are treated as monsters suffered ridicule, he was good for evil with supernatural power to protect the people, to win love. Monster havoc, stones come forward for help under the helpless monster Rebels. Rebels with stones after the final resolution of non-repeated battles to help eliminate the three giant stones strange. Custodian of stones to become Three Realms. Five years later, Qui-Gon gathered a large number of gods Yaoxie offensive to the three realms, the Jade Emperor and the gods do was murderous, only stones escape. Asura boundary stones Rebel rescued Emperor and the gods, and ultimately eliminate Qui-Gon, so the Three Realms sight.


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