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A Security of the Ming Dynasty

A Security of the Ming Dynasty

Jumlah Episode

1 episode

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1 disc


Rp. 5.000




Ming dynasty Emperor Yongle seriously ill, deputy director of Jin Yi Wei Li Yi, was ordered to escort the Great Lama to Beijing, Pray for the emperor blessing. Halfway attack, ambush by the East factory master, desperately fighting the occasion, but found that Lama is a woman. All this is the command of Jin Yi Wei Ji Gang arrangement. Li Yi did not wait until the investigation and investigation, previously Jinxi framed Jie Jin bizarre suicide, Li Yi back the murder of infuriation. Above the execution ground, Li Yi escaped unharmed. The eastern factory Zhao Zhong and Jin Yi Wei Ji-Gang won the Great Lama’s conspiracy.


Ying Hao Ming, Wang Chu


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